Who posts the most messages in your WhatsApp chats? Who sends photos most frequently? And who always wants to have the final say?

Find out!

We have created a survey into the usage behaviour of WhatsApp that you can take part in here!

Step 1

Open a chat and click on the menu button at the top right. Then select More, choose Email chat and click WITHOUT MEDIA.

Step 2

Send the email to
We will anonymize your chat immediately.

Step 3

After only a few minutes you get an email with a link to your analysis. Just click on it and you can see the statistics.

Who sends how many messages?

Who posts the most nonsense?

How many messages were sent in my WhatsApp chat, who sends the most photos and which day of week is most popular for posting?

You are incredibly interested in these issue? Just send the chat to whatsanalyzer@uni-wuerzburg.de and you will get a link to your statistics. Your private data is not stored, since we anonymize your chats immediately. For more details, see the FAQs.

And by the way, you help science!

In the last decade, smartphones have become increasingly popular all over the world. Due to this development, the number of people using mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp increased considerably. Today, not only text messages can be send, but also voice messages, videos, or location details. This puts a lot of load on mobile networks. To efficiently handle this traffic and provide a proper management of the cellular resources, it is necessary to understand how mobile messaging applications are used.

This project was started to find out how people communicate via WhatsApp. We want to statistically evaluate the anonymized chats and in this way develop new models for communication traffic. The more chat histories are collected, the more meaningful our research results will be.

How many messages were sent on each day?